Reviews for Rhapsody of the Soul

“I LOVED this book – it’s what we all recognize at a very deep level as we read. This book explains how to enrich your life and bring your true soul into it. It also confirms that it usually takes a huge hit to the physical body or mind for us to explore the energy that is always available to us. The animal kingdom can connect us further. Ceremony is something we’ve lost and need to recover. Lois Ross, with her years of experience, studying and teaching, explains how connected we really are, and even shows us how to use our own hands to bring relief to others and ourselves.
Every chapter holds a beautiful nugget to contemplate.

Thank you Lois for sharing your rich experiences.
Buy it for everyone in your circle. They will be enlightened.” — Sylvia Janok

“Rhapsody of the Soul is a beautiful introduction and a personal revelation into a journey of the soul. Lois has interspersed the sections with profound questions that will take the reader deeper into their own pilgrimage along with exercises that support one’s exploration. The wisdom in these pages will open your heart to the beauty which is you.” — Judith Ann

“It truly is a beautifully written account of her extensively researched path on her journey to find her Soul. “Kudos”, Lois, on this major accomplishment and for sharing this knowledge and the depth of insight you have with us all.” — Marilyn D.

“The day I received this book in the mail , I read it straight through. Well, it was like reading a story told by Lois Ross as one chapter fell into the next. The next time I picked it up, I spent a week savouring the depth of the words in each chapter and practiced Soul Talk: a deep meaningful experience. How clever this book explores our souls with an easy read and a deepening experience. With deep appreciation and admiration” — Virginia Mulhall

Rhapsody of the Soul is initially an easy and interesting read, however working with the Soul Talk at the end of each chapter, Lois gives simple tools for a daily soul connection practice. I would highly recommend Rhapsody of The Soul to beginners on this journey, as well as those who have been on this journey for some time.” — Sue W.

“What I appreciated most about Rhapsody of the Soul was that it was a comprehensive overview of the deep body of work that led you to where you are today. Each modality represents years of practice and skill acquisition leading to a deep inner truth and wisdom. Your book serves as a road map for those who are at the start of their spiritual journey, as well as a source of celebration for others who have walked part of the path.” — D. Roos

“Your book is full of wisdom as well as thoughts, emotions and feelings that feel right for me.
Thank you for the gift of your book which will help me in my practice.
I love your meditations towards the end of the book and the way you are able to
awaken me to other deeper thoughts.” — S.H.

“A book to read slowly, with thoughtful contemplation, and perhaps some introspection.
It encourages us to think about our selves, both physical and emotional, and how to better understand their complexities and about some of the practices we could learn to help bring us greater contentment and thankfulness. This book talks about Lois’s experiences and how she learned
to seek out the ancient wisdoms and the ways that ceremony, energy healing,
meditation and acceptance can enhance our everyday lives.” — CW