Rhapsody of the Soul by Lois Ross

The Ecstasy of Awakening


“Lois uses personal life experiences to unfold the mysteries of the Soul, and its journey through life and death.
She offers an authentic
and genuine tapestry where every level of reader can learn.”
— Alma Lightbody, author of ‘You’re not the Boss of Me’


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For as long as I can remember, I have had a thirst to understand life in all its complexity, wanting to know how I arrived on Earth. Becoming a nurse had shown me the inexplicable marvel of the human body, and its never-ceasing desire to choose life. The birth of a baby is a miracle of grand proportions. What was it that made it all work? And what of death? Where did we go when we died? My questions were endless.

The nudge to write this book came as I was gathering information, preparing for a presentation at a Healing Touch conference. My presentation was called “Journey of the Soul,” and in the creation of it, I was deeply impacted by the lack of knowledge we have about the soul, despite the fact it is an integral part of our everyday life. I pondered how we might gain more understanding about this wisdom within, connecting to it daily in simple ways as we engage in our routine activities. We are born with enormous knowledge in the gift of the soul, but unfortunately, the sounds and programming of our modern world have lulled us to sleep and we no longer know how to hear it.

“The attraction to the divine is the most basic driving force in our lives,
often showing itself as a longing for – or perhaps the seeking of –
a deeper understanding of life.”


Rhapsody of the Soul invites readers on an enticing inner journey to experience the power of the soul and the profound wisdom it offers for day-to-day living. Our soul is intimately connected to the vast, powerful wisdom of the Divine and chooses a lifetime on earth to increase its spiritual growth and learning.

Rhapsody is the effervescence we feel when we embrace and embody the wisdom of our soul, for it is the tonic we crave. Many of us have forgotten that we have a soul or how we might connect to it. The soul dwells deep within the temple of the human body where it purposefully guides us on our chosen path, often speaking to us through the health of our bodies. Throughout this book, you will encounter a variety of resources which will empower you to awaken to your soul, and in the process remember your divine nature.

“Living fully is being in rhapsody, filled with pleasure
as we notice 
the simple wonders in our day.”