Rhapsody of the Soul
a book by Lois Ross

“Wise and magical, the soul nudges us, wanting us to wake up to the truth of our lives.”

RHAPSODY OF THE SOUL reminds you of your limitless nature and inspires you to create the life you are meant to live.  As you allow the voice of your soul to speak, your life will ignite with passion and purpose. We are all Divine Sparks, unique and important in the unfolding tapestry of life on earth.

Rhapsody of the Soul opens you to the ancient mystery of your human body as a sacred vessel, intimately connecting you to the spiritual world. The body is our means of exploring our incredible lives as we experience our physical, mental, and emotional worlds. We have a physical body and within it we have an invisible ageless spirit – a soul living in our inner core, nudging us to remember the sacredness inside.

LOIS ROSS has been a student of the Great Mystery of Life for as long as she can remember. In her youth, she encountered the concept of an eternal soul that never died, that was connected to the vast wisdom in the Universe. The eternal soul came to earth to accelerate spiritual growth through life in a physical body. Lois is a lifelong initiate of the Great Work, the inner journey to know the soul. She takes great delight in helping others awaken to their souls, their magnificence within.