Rhapsody of the Soul
a book by Lois Ross


Rhapsody of the Soul

The Ecstasy of Awakening

“Exquisitely written, Lois takes us on a journey to the depths of our being…Our soul.
With personal stories, she weaves a magic path that introduces us to our essence.
his is the Great Mystery of life.” — Cathy McCosham

RHAPSODY OF THE SOUL reminds you of your limitless nature and inspires you to create the life you are meant to live. As you allow the voice of your soul to speak, you will be reunited with the vast wisdom within and your unique role in the unfolding tapestry of life on earth. Rhapsody of the Soul opens you to the ancient mystery of your human body as a sacred vessel, intimately connecting you to the world of spirit. The body is our means of exploring our incredible lives as we experience our physical, mental, and emotional worlds. We have a physical body and within it we have an invisible, ageless spirit – a soul living in our inner core, nudging us to remember the sacredness inside.

Rhapsody is the effervescence and joy we feel when we embrace and embody the wisdom of our soul.

LOIS ROSS worked as a surgical nurse in traditional medicine for many years until a personal health challenge directed her to explore complementary health and healing practices. Working as a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Consultant, she increased the scope of her practice to include energy healing, shamanic energy medicine, and spirituality. She was an instructor of Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch and developed a 3-year energy healing curriculum for a major college in British Columbia. She is a graduate of the Four Winds Society Healing the Lightbody program and taught the Inca Medicine Wheel for many years.

Lois has a strong interest in consciously demystifying the concept of death as well as teaching others the power of ceremony to heal and transform. The wonder of the human body is her passion, knowing the body is the key to our spiritual journey and to our awakening.